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2006 MISS UNIVERSE Schedule Highlights

July 5-7: Contestants arrive. Registration, Fittings, ---- for the Program Book

July 8: Rehearsal during the day. Evening at the home of Tadashi. Dress: casual

July 9: 11-1pm: Garden Party at the Ritz Carleton Hotel: Sundress and Hat
Possible Celebrity Basketball Game and Evening Pool Party: casual

July 10: Rehearsal, filming. Tentative party for the evening. Dress: casual

July 11: Rehearsal, filming. Welcome Dinner. Wilshire Grand Hotel. Dress: formal

July 12: Universal Studios. Contestants will be enjoying rides, a tram tour, and lunch. Dinner and autograph signing at the Hard Rock Cafe. Dress: Casual

July 13: Rehearsals. An outdoor cocktail party in the evening. Dress: cocktail

July 14: Rehearsals. Evening event not firm at this time.

July 15: Rehearsals and Mikimoto Event. Dress: appearance attire

July 16: Rehearsal. Gift Auction. Dress: cocktail

July 17: Rehearsal

July 18: Presentation Show; Costume Judging (Ticket Event)

July 19: Personality Interview (:30 second statement).

July 20: Rehearsals at the Shrine Auditorium begin

July 21: Rehearsals
National Director Cocktails/ Dinner. Probably at the Wilshire Grand Hotel.

July 22: Rehearsals

July 23: Dress Rehearsal (Ticket Event)
6pm? - Miss Universe Telecast.
Must be seated 30 minutes before the event. (Ticket)
Coronation Ball

July 24-25: Contestants depart

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